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Where can I download a Operators Manual for my Accufast KT Tabber and XL Labeler

Published: August 30, 2011

? I just purchased a used Accufast XL labeler and KT Tabber. But they came without manuals. Were can I get manuals for them?

Answer:  SuppliesForMailers.com For the Accufast XL Operators Instruction Manual go here.  http://suppliesformailers.com/xl-operators-manual-instruction.aspx

For the Accufast KT Operators Instruction Manual go here.   http://suppliesformailers.com/accufast-kt-operators-manual.aspx

While you are there..
Need tabs – wafer seals made to work with the KT!?
The following are Guaranteed to work!

White Translucent Clear 1.5″ Tabs
Newer KT’s
Roll of 5,000 Roll of 5,000 Roll of 5,000  White case
Case of 25,000 Case of 25,000 Case of 25,000  White Roll
Case of 50,000 Case of 50,000 Translucent Case
Case of 100,000 Case of 100,000 Case of 100,000

Pressure Sensitive – Machine Applicable Labels, Designed to Work on the Accufast XL.
Not using the correct labels, can cause a lot of different problems!  Backing paper ripping, Glue Build up,, Save yourself agrivation and use good labels!

Label Size
3 1/2″ x 15/16″
Label Size
4″ x 1 7/16″
Box of 5,000 Box of 5,000
Case of 50,000 Case of 30,000

Accufast KT Parts
Accufast XL Parts

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