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I always call my order in and they always encourage me to do it myself, online. Why?

Published: December 4, 2018

  1. It’s more secure! When you do it online, we never see your credit card info! So there is no chance of us jotting it down on a piece of paper to enter it into the system. In the event we need to write down the credit card, we paper is to be shredded as soon as the order is entered. This is to keep it from getting picked up by someone else or out of the trash. Someone could also intercept the telephone call. We spend a lot of money to protect your credit card information with 128 Bit Encryption that is backed with a $100,000.00 per instance guaranty! So even if someone is able to break the encryption, your covered!
  2. It saves you $$. When you order online you can apply a discount code! Almost all of the discounts that we offer are only for online ordering. The 1st time you order, you will get a confirmationĀ email with a discount code. Even quantity discounts are reserved for online orders and not applicable to the phone, fax or emailĀ orders.
  3. It cuts down on order entry errors.

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