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I have items I order all the time. How can I make them easy to reorder?

Published: December 4, 2018

Create a shopping list and add your favorite items. Watch the video above for details.
On each product page, there is a link that says “Add to a new shopping list” It will allow you to create shopping lists and add items to it. Then the next time you login, you can go to your account and pull up the shopping list. From the list, you can quickly add your favorite items to your cart and check out in record time! You can see a sample shopping list here http://suppliesformailers.com/list-view.aspx?list=4883F496-88BB-4C02-B42C-5DC69DCD55E1
It is also handy for when you go on vacation and need someone else to place orders for you. Just click, “Email this list to a friend” don’t forget to also send them your login information! It’s okay! They can’t see your credit card information

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