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Envelope Sealers

Envelope Sealers automate the sealing process. Pieces are transported through where the gum flaps is moistened and the flap pressed closed. There are manual as well as automatic envelope sealers varying by speed, piece size, and bin capacity. Call and ask how an Envelope Sealer can fit into your mail room.

Envelope Sealers Available

AFM60S Low Cost Envelope Sealer

Save time and money with the AFM60S Low Cost Envelope Sealer.  Automatically Seal up to 60+ envelopes per minute

AFM80S Envelope Sealer

Automatically Seal up to 130 envelopes per minute

AFM300S Envelope Sealer

Seal the most difficult envelopes at up to 300 per min
Envelope: Min 6×4 in(deep)¬†Max 12 x 10 in (deep)

FD 430 Envelope Sealer

  • Variable speed, up to 18,000 envelopes per hour
  • Precision rubber moistening roller
  • Seals both standard and nested envelope stacks
  • Handles envelopes up to 9.75″ W x 15″ L