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Folders & Inserters

Inserters: Current Models

The latest and greatest Inserters that are currently being made

Inserters: Current Models Available

Formax FD 6102 Inserter

The FD 6102 inserter offers the latest technology in entry-level tabletop inserters, making it possible for any business to automate its mailings. The affordability of this inserter eliminates the need to send out tens of thousands of mail pieces in order to justify the cost of automation. With the FD 6102, any size company can enjoy the benefits of automated folding and inserting.

Formax 6406 Series Inserter

  • Speed: Up to 4,000/hr
  • 7″ full-color touchscreen
  • Graphics-based user interface
  • High-capacity outfeed stacker
  • Energy-saving standby mode

Formax FD 6204 Inserter Series

The Durable and Dependable Formax FD 6204 Inserter processes at a rate of up to 2,200 pieces per hour and can hold up to 325 sheets in each feeder.

Formax 6210 Series Folder Inserter

  • Up to 2,200/2,500 pieces per hour
  • Color touchscreen
  • High-capacity output stacker
  • Feeders: Up to 325 sheets
  • Five configurations

Formax 6306 Series Inserter

  • Speed: Up to 3,800 pieces per hour
  • Duty Cycle: Up to 40,000 pieces per month
  • Standard Feeders: Up to 325 sheets each, 20# bond
  • High-Capacity Feeder (Standard 2F, Special 2F, Standard 2FP models): Up to 725 sheets, 20# bond
  • Envelope Hopper: Up to 400 envelopes, top-loading

Formax 6608 Series Inserter

  • Speed: Up to 4,300/hr
  • Paper/Envelope Presence Sensors
  • Graphics-based 10 color touchscreen
  • High-capacity output stacker
  • Up to 50 programmable jobs

Formax 7202 Series Inserter

  • Envelope Size: #10, 6” x 9”, flats up to 10” x 13”
  • Intuitive User Interface: 22” color touchscreen, with context-sensitive help on every screen
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Automatic job setup with document & envelope library
  • Programmable Jobs: Unlimited