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The ” re-manufactured” process is completely different from the “refilled” process!

Published: April 5, 2012

The “ re-manufactured” process is completely different from the “refilled” process!

Re-built is a better word than re-manufactured to describe our line of compatible addressing inks. Our manufacturers heavily investment themselves in the testing, preparation and re-manufacturing process. Their investment, and ours, helps ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.

Re-manufactured: The Process:

– Cartridge is electrically tested in a generic tester
– The print head of the cartridge is soaked in a special ink dissolving solution
– Old ink is removed by spinning the cartridge
– Print head is further cleaned using a specially designed atomizer
– Cartridge goes through multiple cycles of vacuum boiling, spinning and atomizing for cleaning
– Cartridge is dried
– Ink which matches original ink or specifically formulated for certain stocks is filled into the cartridge
– Cartridge rest after the refill process
– Cartridge is print tested in a printer it was designed for
– Packaging

Refilled: A refilled cartridge is nothing more than that, refilled.

Supplies for Mailers sells only NEW OEM addressing products or select products that have been precisely re-manufactured, not refilled.

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