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Used Accufast KT Tabber – Refurbished

$1,795.00 KT - $2,395 KT 1.5 Call for a Quote

Because of the high demand for this tabber we normally keep a few in stock. Both with the upgrade for 1.5″ tabs and without the upgrade!

Used Accufast KT Tabber

When we refurbish the Accufast KT tabber we start by replacing both motors. sensors, o-ring and the sweep.  All bearing, belts, shafts, control panel and control board are replaced if needed.  Most get all new rollers.  We then test the machine thoroughly using a variety of tabs and material before it gets the All For Mailers seal of approval.

All of our Used Accufast KT tabbers are back by at least a 90 day warranty!  If anything breaks or malfunctions, we will repair it with absolutely no charge to you for parts or labor!

Once the machine has gone through rigorous testing, we decide if it gets upgraded to apply 1.5″ tabs.  If it is getting upgraded, we send it back to the factory so they can install the upgrade and back it with the factory warranty!
All Accufast KT Tabbers that get the upgrade have a new mainboard and control panel, plus any other parts necessary for the upgrade to be warrantied.

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The Accufast KT is known as crash tabbers in which the open edge of the piece to be tabbed is fed into the machine first. That edge then contacts the tab, which has fed down in front of the piece, pulling the tab from its backing paper. The tab and the piece then crash into a sweep and roller system that neatly and tightly folds the tab into place around the mailer.

Advantages of Crash Tabbers like this Used Accufast KT:

  • High productivity. The shortest dimension feeds through the machine increasing production rates at any given speed.
  • Simplicity. Short paper path with no skewing adjustment needed.
  • Accuracy. Tabs fold tight to the edge of the piece and do not drift from left to right.
  • Ideal for off line application.

Click Here for more information and specifications for the Accufast KT Tabber

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$1,795.00 KT - $2,395 KT 1.5 Call for a Quote