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Walco 655MB Multibase System Addressing System

MSRP $10,065 (Base Only) Call For Quote

Walco 655MB shown with:

  • VF200 Commercial Vacuum Friction Feeder
  • 960VSC 8ft. Shingling Conveyor
  • 4 Inches of print
  • Barcode Verifier
  • 8000W Infrared Dryer


  • Full Frame Construction
  • Adjustable Infeed Product Guides
  • Adaptable Infeed Rollers
  • Feeder Interlock Switch
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Adjustable Heat Belts
  • Vacuum Belts
  • 12″ Wide Steel Transport Rollers
  • Integrated VSC Conveyor Controls
  • Integrated Dryer Temperature Control
  • Independent Vacuum Control
  • Variable Speed Transport


Conveyor Sort/Speed Up With conveyor controls integrated into the 655MB & customizable control in the software, sort/speed up is a viable alternative to expensive stackers/sorters
Feeder Pause Sort The feeder can be paused to create a break on the conveyor for sorting.
Speed Following Allows Walco System feeders & transports to maintain matching belt speeds, using one-speed control.
Monitor/Keyboard The spacious articulating platform is large enough to accommodate a full-size monitor & keyboard.
Transport Direction: Left to Right or Right to Left
Material Size: 2″L x 3″W – Max 20″ wide
Material Thickness: Up To 1/2″ Standard
Physical: 65.5″L x 23.5″W x 33-36″ H
Electrical: 110 VAC Single Phase 10Amp Circuit
IR Dryers
  • Faster Line Speeds
  • Prolonged Lamp Life
  • Utilizes High-Efficiency Infrared Lamps

Some of the IR Dryer Options

8000 Watt IR Drying Area: 5″ x 16″
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 34 Amps
6400 Watt IR Drying Area: 4″ x 16″
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 27 Amps
4000 Watt IR Drying Area: 4″ x 10″
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 17Amps

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MSRP $10,065 (Base Only) Call For Quote