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MSRP $11,995 Call For Quote!

Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 Is New and Improved

Just because you have a low volume of mail doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice production quality. If your mailings are complicated, you need a variety for your small scale print runs.

Including Big System Features (But Not a Big System Price Tag)

This is mailing equipment made with you in mind! Not too big, not too small – this Rena envelope imager is ideal for your printing needs and your budget. With dual print heads, you can add a variety of different information to your mailing pieces in a large 2.5” print area. Addresses, indicia, barcodes and more can be added with just a few simple commands.

In addition to having a variety of printing options, you also don’t have to worry about the thickness of your mailing pieces. With electronic thickness adjustments, and a clutch-controlled built-in feeder, the Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 can adapt to your needs.

Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 – Fast, Flexible and Affordable

The Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 will have you producing pieces with lightning speed – up to 30,000 postcards per hour. It’s simple to set up and easy to use – and is American made with all metal construction. With advanced technology, precision engineering and a high performance system, your Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 will become essential mailing equipment.

This model features:

  • 2.5” print area from two individual print heads with 9.5” vertical range
  • 64 MB of RAM, TigerSharc 100 MHz DSP with Dual Calculation Technology
  • High speed addressing at productivity boosting speeds of 30,000 postcards/hour
  • Quarter-inch (1/4”) thickness capability to accommodate thicker mailings
  • USB 2.0 port for quick and easy connectivity
  • Built in feeder can hold up to 500 envelopes to boost productivity

The Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 is advanced printer technology in a small amount of space.

PRINT TECHNOLOGY Thermal Inkjet, Five HP 45A-Style High Capacity Cartridges
30,000 /hour at 150 dpi
25,000 /hour at 200 dpi
20,000 /hour at 300 dpi
11,000 /hour at 600 dpi
(9 Lines on 4”x 6” Postcard)
22,000 /hour at 150 dpi
19,000 /hour at 200 dpi
15,000 /hour at 300 dpi
7,200 /hour at 600 dpi
(9 Lines on #10 Envelopes)
(Dots Per Inch)
Description Dots Per Inch Resolution
High Quality 600 d.p.i. 600 x 600 d.p.i.
Letter Quality 300 d.p.i. 600 x 300 d.p.i.
Standard Quality 200 d.p.i. 600 x 200 d.p.i.
Draft Quality 150 d.p.i 600 x 150 dpi
IMAGE AREA 2-1/2-inches X 15 inches w/ 9” vertical range
PRINT HEAD SPLIT 3 Pen Stitched + 2 Pen Stitched Design
PROCESSOR AMD TigerSharc 100 MHz DSP with Dual Calculation Technology
PRINT ORIENTATION Normal and Reverse
FONTS All TrueType fonts available on PC
Allows printing of graphics, logos, and barcodes
MATERIAL SIZE Length – 5” to 15” ■ Width – 3” to 13.5”
FEEDER CAPACITY Up to 500 #10 envelopes
SOFTWARE WindowsTM Printer Drivers for WindowsTM 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP
PC INTERFACE Parallel and USB 2.0
DIAGNOSTICS Built into firmware
FIRMWARE UPDATE Via PC interface in flash proms
DUTY CYCLE 60 million addresses total or 1,000,000 per month over a 5-year life cycle
DUTY CYCLE 11.5” H x 19.56” L x 20” W (292.1 mm H x 496.8 mm L x 508 mm W)
WEIGHT 69 lbs. (331.4 kg.)
ELECTRICAL 115VAC or 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
OPTIONS RENA Systems EASYInks, HP Versatile fast dry Black, and Red, Blue,
Green, or Yellow, Conveyor/Stacker/Dryer
COUNTERS One operator resettable job counter, one permanent lifetime counter

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MSRP $11,995 Call For Quote!