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Do you offer Leasing or Financing?

Published: May 22, 2019

We’re often asked if we offer leasing or financing.

Yes, we do! For leasing, we’ve teamed with a company that knows and understands the addressing industry and the equipment. With a better understanding of the industry, they are often able to get the job done when others can’t! To get an idea of how much your payments would try our Lease Payment Calculator

The graphic below shows an example of Financing $12,000, It even shows your cash savings and final purchase costs and after tax savings.

Click the graphic above to go to the Lease Payment Estimator

To start the leasing application you can use our simple online form to expedite the application process! Leasing Application

Another great option that we offer is PayPal financing. Our equipment invoicing system is integrated with PayPal financing. So when you receive the invoice, you can click a button to make payment. At that time you can use a credit card or apply for financing and make the purchase. In most cases, the application process can be completed in matter minutes. Plus PayPal will work with you in the off chance that you need to dispute all or part of the charge.

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