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Why should I purchase Postal Software when I can use the free USPS website tools?

Lately, a lot of people that are just starting to do their own direct mail advertising, are trying to do it using the free USPS online tools and then printing to high-end printers.  Printers like a Rena 1.5 or Neopost AS-930.  Sure it’s a cost-effective way to start mailing but it is limited.  If you want to […]

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Upgrade your inserter to run glossy material!

Struggling to run glossy inserts with your Neopost, Hasler or Formax Inserter? Make life a whole lot easier and install rollers designed to feed with glossy stock!. It’s far too common to get a mailing job that includes a glossy insert.  And no one wants to hand insert, between papercuts and sheer boredom, it’s a nightmare that […]

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All For Mailers Remote Support and Setup for Envelope Printers

With almost every printer sale we include Remote Support to help you get up and running as fast as possible! Before calling for support please check for an email from your sales associate. It should contain links to:  A video to help show you how to install the driver, Please watch it.  A link to […]

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Accufast XL Sensors: Cleaning and replacing

The Accufast XL has 3 sets of sensors. Watch the video below to see how to locate and clean the sensors. 2 sets of sensors are on the head and 1 set on the base. On the labeling head, 1 set is for detecting the labels and another set for the take-up spool. To detect the […]

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Video: Replacing the tab sweep on the Accufast KT Tabber

One of the most common parts to replace on the Accufast KT tabber is the tab sweep. When the machine operates, a mailer goes into the front of the machine, hits a tab/wafer seal.  The wafer seal is folded in 1/2 by the bottom metal plate of the machine and the white plastic tab folds […]

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