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Accufast KT Tabber / Wafer Sealer
Rena T-300

The Easiest, Most Efficient Way To Tab Any Mailpiece.

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Accufast KT Clear Tab Applier

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  • applies 1 tab per piece
  • tabs 15,000 pieces per hour
    tabs pieces 5" to 12" wide, from 20 lb. thin to 1/4" thick, coated and uncoated
  • runs a variety of 1" tabs: paper & clear, circles & rectangles, the new version also runs 1.5 " tabs
  • 5 Year Board Warranty when purchased through All For Mailers
  • lowest maintenance agreement cost in it’s class
  • weighs 47 pounds
    measures 10"l x 17"h x 21"w
  • uses 115 volts 2 amps 60 Hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 Hz
  • goes in-line with ACCUFAST and other tabletop Labelers and Printers
  • its outstanding feature is its ability to run virtually any 1" tab, and tab virtually any piece

One pass tabbing:
the ACCUFAST KT Tabber.

The Accufast KT May be the Easiest Tabber to Set Up and Use Hands Down!

Call Now 1-866-430-2874 for more
money saving options, Like a 5 Year Warranty!


Also see the Accufast KT2 or Rena UT-361 for two tabs at a time
If you need a lighter duty labeler look at the Freehand Mail Tabber

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