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AddressRight ® Addressing System
W790 - DA750 Refurbished!

A Proven Leader in address printing. aka Secap 13K or Bryce 13k
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    Print up to 13,000 pieces per hour and gain the flexibility of color and graphics!
  • The W790 or DA750 prints crisp, color, personalized addresses and graphics directly onto envelopes, flats, postcards and mailers, giving mail a professional appearance that improves openability.
  • Communication is a crucial link to retaining your hard-earned customers and acquiring new ones. And mail is a proven, time-tested, and efficient method for delivering your message.
  • The W790 AddressRight™ Printer is a communication tool that can help you create the right image to increase the chances of your mail getting opened and your message getting read.
  • Using fast inkjet technology and the optional power stacker, the W790 prints up to 13,000 #10 envelopes an hour.
  • It saves the labor involved in printing and affixing labels and prints the Delivery Point barcodes required for USPS discounts that can reduce mail costs by up to 20%.
  • Also Known as a Secap 13K or Bryce 13K

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