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Bryce - Secap 30K Inkjet Address Printing System

Full 3 inches of print - Spot Color - Up to 30,000 per hour.
  • bryce_30kPrint your Address, Logo, Return Address & Indicia in One Pass
  • Moveable Heads to Cover 2, 1.5 inch bands for a total of 3 inches of print height
  • Scalable Fonts, Graphics & Spot Color
  • Production Speeds up to 30,000 per hour
  • Standard Cartridge, Fast Dry, Spot Color or Bulk Ink
  • Detachable / Changeable Feeder for Feeding Different Applications
  • Windows Plug & Play, Standard Interface, Use with most Software Applications including Pitney Bowes, PostalSoft, Satori, BCC, SmartAddresser, AccuZIP 6, Mailers, etc.
  • No Need to Change your Software or buy a new computer!

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
$15,995 Call For Specials and Promotions

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