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Accufast PM3 Envelope Address Printer

Address envelopes, postcards, newsletters and more with the ACCUFAST P3 Address Printer. Print 6 to 12 line addresses up to 9,000 mail pieces an hour. The quick, compact ACCUFAST P3 is the perfect way to address your direct mail.
  • Accufast PM3 Envelope Printer

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    5 Year Board Warranty when purchased through All For Mailers
  • lowest maintenance agreement cost in it’s class
  • addresses envelopes, postcards & self-mailers
  • prints up to 12 lines of text on each mail piece
  • variable speed, addresses 9,000 #10's per hour
  • runs mail pieces 3.5" to 11.25" high and 6" to 12" long, from 20 lb. thin to .090 thick
  • weighs 35 pounds, measures 12"l x 15"w x 11"h
  • prints either 300 x 600 dpi or 600 x 600 dpi
  • select print quality from included software
  • print system features advanced Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology
  • print system accepts all TrueType® fonts
  • feeder holds a 6" high stack of mail pieces
  • simple, one button operation
  • tool-free maintenance
  • requires only a PC running Microsoft® Windows® 95 or 98
  • runs off computer's parallel printer port
  • optional high-capacity ink delivery system
  • optional ACCUFAST CS3 variable-speed conveyor, FX or HDF feeder
  • its outstanding feature is it's combination of straight-forward design, operation and results.
 Need to be able to print the return address and indicia in one pass? Check out the P6 or the pmX for the ultimate in expandability! 
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